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Recent HCC Advocacy

The Cascadia PTA has circulated a petition with the recommendations for the district to:

(1) Pause the sunsetting of the HCC, 

(2) Continue to improve identification of underserved students, and 

(3) Reinstate advanced learning opportunities at local schools.  

In just one week, over 1100 people, and growing, have signed the petition. Hundreds of signatories have …

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Show your support for retaining the HCC model

The Seattle Times recently published an article on Why Seattle Public Schools is closing its highly capable cohort program. The Cascadia Elementary School PTA Board then shared a response and alternative solutions in an op-ed with The Seattle Times. We encourage families to read and share this response to help …

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Ready to Advocate for HCC? Sign up today!

Five Ticonderoga Pencils

The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools continues to explore how to support highly capable learners. In the near term, input pertaining to whether and how to continue the cohort model that created Cascadia Elementary is being evaluated.

In order to best coordinate a strong, well-informed strategy to provide input …

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Advocacy: SPS Board & Advanced Learning Task Force Meetings

SPS school board 2017 photo

As many parents and guardians of students at Cascadia know, there is an ongoing discussion about the best way to provide services to students identified as “advanced learners” in the district (and beyond).

The Cascadia PTA Board suggests that Cascadia families consider attending upcoming meetings of the Seattle School Board, Board Member Community …

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