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The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools continues to explore how to support highly capable learners. In the near term, input pertaining to whether and how to continue the cohort model that created Cascadia Elementary is being evaluated.

In order to best coordinate a strong, well-informed strategy to provide input on behalf of our Cascadia families, the Cascadia PTA Advocacy team is working in partnership with a variety of groups and individuals in a coordinated effort. This team would benefit from a diverse group of volunteers to attend meetings, write letters, provide testimony at school board meetings, and so on.

If you would like to get involved, please express your interests and willingness to participate by signing up here. One of the leaders from the Advocacy team will follow up to help guide you in how to proceed.

The Cascadia PTA Board recognizes that families in our community vary in how they are able to participate, and will work to provide anyone interested with ways to act on behalf of our students within what your time and interest permits.

Sign up today – we’ll get you ready to advocate for Cascadia’s future students!