After-School Clubs / Childcare

After School Clubs:

Please mark your calendars!  6crickets registration for the winter enrichment session at Cascadia begins for most* vendors on Mon., Jan. 1 at 9:00am and ends on Tues., Jan. 16 at 11:59pm.  Registration for all classes closes on Wed., Jan. 17 and class waitlists will dissolve at that time so enrichment volunteers can start finalizing class rosters. *Please note that Orlov Chess uses a different registration process than the 6crickets registration website.  Orlov Chess classes will begin during the week of Mon., Jan. 22.
Winter enrichment classes run Mon. Jan. 29 through Fri., April 5 but please confirm the last day of class with your instructor.  There will be no enrichment classes held at Cascadia during SPS’s mid winter break, Mon., Feb. 19 to Fri., Feb. 24.
If your student will not be attending an enrichment class, please email no later than 10:30am on the day of the missed class.  This allows our volunteers to avoid holding the school buses and making parent/caregiver phone calls to track the missing student down.
In the event of school closure due to SPS school holidays/breaks, inclement weather or other circumstances, enrichment classes will not be held at Cascadia.
After the enrichment registration period closes, requests for class transfers and late registrations will not be granted.   Should you need to withdraw your student from a class, please check with the vendor directly about their refund policies.
All Cascadia families participating in the PTA’s enrichment program understand that their student must adhere to behavioral expectations.  By enrolling a student in the program, Cascadia families also agree to have a parent or caregiver promptly pick up their student in person from an enrichment instructor at the time the class ends.  Students may not check themselves out of an enrichment class or be left unattended on the playground or school premises to wait for pick up even if the parent has signed a waiver release with the vendor.  Enrichment classes are not after school care. Please contact KidsCo to arrange for after school care.
The Cascadia PTA’s enrichment program is staffed entirely by approved SPS volunteers who are also current Cascadia PTA members.  If you are interested in helping as an enrichment volunteer, please email so we can follow up with you.  In person volunteers and alternates are needed to staff the program Monday through Friday.











Chess by Orlov Academy


1on1 Floor Hockey/Dodgeball/Kickball (grades 3-5)

Beam Stop Motion

Orlov Chess (grades 1-2)

Beam Dungeons & Dragons

The Pantry Cooking Class




1on1 After School All-Sport (grades 1-3)

Bricks Challenge (grades 1-5)


Pokemon (grades 2-5)  

All signups may be made through 6Crickets except if a link in the above table take you elsewhere. 

Questions? Contact .


We need volunteer help to make our after school club programs a success. After School Club Coordinators check that kids arrive and remain until they are picked up. During the classes, coordinators are free to do their own work on site or help around the school.) Baseball Thursday Parent volunteers are also needed to assist during practice.


The scholarship program for afterschool classes is determined by PTA funding availability during the 23-24 school year.



Kids Co. runs the on-site childcare at Cascadia.  Questions about after school care should be directed to

Other after-school childcare options (off site) include: