After-School Clubs

Before the pandemic, after-school clubs and on-site childcare were run by Kids Co.  Kids Co. at Cascadia has been closed since the pandemic began, but they plan to open for after-school childcare in Fall of 2023.  Enrollment will initially be capped at 30, and we hear that they won’t be open yet for the start of school.  You can register here.  Questions about after school care should be directed to

Unfortunately Kids Co. is not ready to host after-school clubs at Cascadia in the fall.  We do hope they can pick it up later in the year.  In the meantime, the PTA is partnering with 6 Crickets to provide some after school clubs, but the PTA also needs to hire an on-site coordinator, and not been able to find one yet (here’s the job posting).

Scholarships for after-school enrichment may be requested for up to one club per child each term. Available funds are distributed on a first come / first served basis. Families may indicate their desire for scholarship funds during the registration process.