Cascadia loves volunteers!

For on-campus volunteering and chaperoning such as monitoring recess and lunch and assisting in drop-off and pick up logistics: 

  1. Obtain approval from SPS.  Follow these instructions.
  2. Once your SPS application gets approved (i.e. the volunteer portal says “You are Eligible to volunteer with Seattle Public Schools”), please email volunteers@cascadiapta.org to get Cascadia-level approval. 
  3. Once you receive Cascadia-level approval, you can click on over to our SignUp Genius page and sign up for on-campus opportunities.

Notes: This process may take a few weeks to complete. 

For off-campus volunteering such as room parents and grade-level event planners, head right over to the SignUp Genius page and sign up!

  • Questions about specific programs or events? Contact the PTA Programs Coordinator.
  • General volunteering questions (including paperwork questions)? Contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Need help recruiting volunteers? More questions about hosting events? Visit our Volunteer FAQ.