Cascadia loves volunteers! Join us on field trips, in the office, setting up for events, assisting teachers, and more! You’re just three steps away from volunteering for the 2019-2020  school year. 

  1. Become an SPS-approved volunteer for the year! Yes, you need to complete this annually at the beginning of the school year. Click here to complete the SPS volunteer application form.
  2. Join the Cascadia PTA (recommended, but not required). The PTA’s insurance policy may help protect PTA members from personal liability arising from volunteering activities at PTA-sponsored events.
  3. Sign up! See our current volunteer needs on our Sign Up Genius page.
    • Questions about specific programs or events? Contact the PTA Programs Coordinator.
    • General volunteering questions (including paperwork questions)? Contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinator.
    • Our most frequently asked question: Where are the compostable plates, napkins, cups, and utensils? Contact compostables@cascadiapta.org at least one week in advance of your event to receive the quantity you need, supplied by the PTA.