Hello! At Cascadia we want you to feel welcome and have as much information as possible in your language. This is why we have included the Google Translate bar on our webpage, which you can use to select from among the most common languages ​​in our school and school district to have the text translated automatically into your preferred language. 

 At Cascadia we know that the change from a neighborhood school to a school that serves the educational needs of students who live scattered across various neighborhoods in the city can raise many questions for students and their families. It is more difficult for you to find neighbors or friends to answer your questions about school. For that reason we want you to contact us with your questions to answer them directly or to put you in touch with a Cascadia family with a similar life experience as yours. In particular, we recognize that guardians or parents who are immigrants may prefer information in their language. Please contact us with your questions, needs, or suggestions in your own language, or just write a note to say hello. 

If you want to contact us please write an email to inclusion@cascadiapta.org.