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What does our PTA do?

Cascadia PTA provides funding and support for a number of programs at the school. These programs are designed to enhance the district-provided curriculum with additional outside learning opportunities. Current programs include:

iLab STEM Education

First and second graders are introduce to our iLab maker-space with curricula designed to enhance the district science curriculum.  All grades continue to use the iLab space to explore design and engineering projects.

Garden Program

Third graders harvest, plant, and care for the school garden following classes designed by garden educator, Nicole.  Fourth graders continue with garden projects designed to enhance their science education.

Instrumental Music

Fourth and fifth graders have the opportunity to take instrumental music lessons during school hours and put on a great performance to share their progress.


Fifth graders study and perform Shakespeare plays with the help of an fabulous drama teacher, Heather Hawkins.  The 1st through 4th graders get to experience several different Shakespeare performances, put on by the 5th grade.

Green Team

In collaboration with school staff, the PTA supports this program which allows students to take the lead in making our school more “green” by managing school composting and recycling efforts.

Reflections Art Contest

Run by the National PTA, students may submit works of art based on a common theme. Lots of fun, and finalists will see their work displayed at Seattle Center!

Opportunity Grants

Always open to a good idea, the PTA provides grants for additional events and programs proposed by staff, parents, or community members.

Cascadia PTA also provides funding and volunteer support for a wide variety of school events throughout the year, including:

  • Fall Festival
  • Science & Engineering Night
  • Game Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Grade-level events

The PTA supplements district salary allocations by fully or partially funding several staff positions. This year, these include:

  • Instrumental Music Teachers
  • Additional Librarian Hours
  • Counselor
  • Recess Monitors

Is that all the PTA and our volunteers do? No! There’s also staff appreciation, curriculum support, lost and found management, room parent support, unicycling, 5th grade Fun Day, and more! The PTA can only do all of this with your continued help and support!!

Go, Dragons!