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2023-2024 Dream Big Annual Giving Fund

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The Cascadia Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting families, teachers and school leadership. 

On October 10th, 2023, our PTA will kick off its Red Envelope Giving Campaign – Fly High, Give Big!

At Cascadia we keep our fundraising simple and straightforward. Instead of holding events, auctions, etc., our PTA encourages a one-time per year donation, and this year’s suggested amount is $747 per student. This donation can also be broken into monthly payments by using PayPal. We recognize that different families have different finances and encourage you to donate the amount that feels right for your family. Our goal is for every family to return their red envelopes regardless of the level of giving.  Every year we see a range from $0 to well above the per-student ask. 100% participation is an important goal! Please note any donation amount can be broken into monthly payments by using PayPal. 

Funds raised through the Annual Giving Campaign directly fund this year’s school budget.  We know this year’s per student goal amount is greater than last year’s. SPS’ budget shortfall has disproportionately impacted Cascadia and our PTA had to provide significantly more funding to maintain nearly the same basic staff and services the Cascadia community needs to thrive. This year’s goal supports this change.  

What does my donation support?

  • Fuller staffing: extra hours for our school social worker, school nurse and art teacher
  • Recess aids: having extra adults is essential to maintaining recess safety and to give our teachers their required breaks
  • Teacher supports: professional development, classroom grants, teacher appreciation
  • Learning programs: iLab/STEM education, Shakespeare drama program, instrumental music for EVERY interested 4th and 5th grader, garden program for 3rd and 4th graders. 
  • Curriculum Enhancements: IXL, Brain Pop, Handwriting without tears, etc.
  • Scholarships! We want every student to be able to participate in music, field trips, and extracurriculars and offer scholarships to make this possible. Scholarships are confidential and handled by the school social worker Annie Cantrell: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a credit card to donate money?

Yes! Click here to make a credit card donation via PayPal. You can also submit cash or a check payable to Cascadia PTA. Please note PayPal charges a non-profit collection fee of 1.99% + $0.49 per transaction. You can choose to offset these charges when you donate.

Can we spread our donation throughout the year?

Yes! You can set up recurring monthly donations via PayPal.

Do you accept employer matches?

Yes! It is the responsibility of the employee to request matching funds from their employer. Please indicate the name of your employer on the response card so that the PTA can anticipate the matching gift. If you need more information, please email us at

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Cascadia PTA will provide you a letter documenting your contribution. Letters will be distributed approximately one month after the conclusion of the Annual Fund. Our Tax ID is 45-2972289.


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