What’s Working

This past month has been a new challenge for many of us – figuring out how to balance our days and work with our kids in a new way.  Every family has their own sticking points, but I bet every family has discovered at least one things that works.  This post is to share what we have found that works.  You will be able to comment on it, and share your own brainstorms and favorite tricks for other parents.

(Rules – keep it positive, focus on what works, feel free to share links to tools, and remember that this discussion is publicly viewable. )

I’ll start.  I have been getting a huge reward from reading to my children most days at lunch.  I started with Washington State History, because two of my three kids are studying that subject this year.  We’ve added in some fiction.  What I love – this gives us an anchor point where we are all together, doing something interesting but relaxing.  It gives us a break just when we all need one.  I’d gotten away from reading to the kids, and I’m thrilled to have it back on our schedule.  Its just gravy that we get to call is learning at the same time!

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