Cascadia Has Heart

Hello Dragons!

We are spending most of February learning different and fun ways to jump as individuals, partners, small groups, and as a full class. Pick up a jump rope at your local sports store, on or online to jump as a family (another great way to getting moving indoors – try out your garage or covered porch areas if you have one). During this unit about jumping rope and heart health, we are teaching our students to not only take care of their own hearts, but to also have compassion for others who do not have the gift of full health. Our kickoff assembly was mission oriented to inspire our students to use their own health as a way to support others by spreading the mission of the American Heart Association and considering ways to raise money for those in need.

Please consider donating to the American Heart Association through our Jump Rope for Heart Cascadia page by following this link: http://www2.heart.org/goto/CascadiaDragonsSeattle. Scroll to the bottom of our page and click on the “donate directly to our school” button. We will be accepting donations until Wednesday, February 28th. The AHA will be thanking our students for their participation by donating some recess equipment back to our school, as well as some gift certificates for PE equipment depending on how much we raise as a school. This is completely optional, but most definitely a good cause. Thank you in advance for considering.

Your Passionate PE Teachers,

Shirley Briones & Kate Sayles



Advocacy Alert–Equity for HiCap Bill (SHB 2927)

The Equity for HiCap bill (SHB 2927) is in trouble. It needs to get onto the House Appropriations schedule by tomorrow. The bill passed unanimously through the Education Committee, so agreement is not the issue. It is a priority issue in that Appropriations has only so much time to hear bills before the deadline, and this bill needs to be slotted higher on the list.

Please Stop and Do These 3 Things Now:

1. We are urging everyone to stop what you are doing right now and contact Education Committee Chair Sharon Santos sharonTomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov and Appropriations Vice Chair June Robinson june.robinson@leg.wa.gov about SHB 2927. Sample e-mail below (although it’s always better to rewrite it in your own words):

To: sharonTomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov, june.robinson@leg.wa.gov
Subject: Urgent: Get SHB 2927 onto Appropriations Schedule
Body of E-mail:
Dear Ms. Santos, Dear Ms. Robinson:
The Equity for HiCap bill (SHB 2927) has still not been scheduled for appropriations. I am worried that it is going to miss the cut off. Can you please work with Rep. Timm Ormsby to get this on the appropriations hearing schedule ASAP? As you know, this is a very urgent issue for Seattle and will substantially improve equity–and long term, the achievement gap. Catching these students early will prevent disengagement, behavior problems, drop outs and kids lost to the prison pipeline, ultimately saving the state money–as well as being the right thing to do.
[your name]

2. Have family and friends who live in Washington State send the same e-mail the following Appropriations Committee members (copy and paste into your “to” field):

Timm.Ormsby@leg.wa.gov, June.Robinson@leg.wa.gov, Bruce.Chandler@leg.wa.gov, Drew.MacEwen@leg.wa.gov, Drew.Stokesbary@leg.wa.gov, Steve.Bergquist@leg.wa.gov, Vincent.Buys@leg.wa.gov, Michelle.Caldier@leg.wa.gov, Eileen.Cody@leg.wa.gov, Cary.Condotta@leg.wa.gov, Joe.Fitzgibbon@leg.wa.gov, Paul.Graves@leg.wa.gov, Larry.Haler@leg.wa.gov, Drew.Hansen@leg.wa.gov, Paul.Harris@leg.wa.gov, Zack.Hudgins@leg.wa.gov, Laurie.Jinkins@leg.wa.gov, Ruth.Kagi@leg.wa.gov, Kristine.Lytton@leg.wa.gov, Matt.Manweller@leg.wa.gov, Eric.Pettigrew@leg.wa.gov, Gerry.Pollet@leg.wa.gov, David.Sawyer@leg.wa.gov, Joe.Schmick@leg.wa.gov, Tana.Senn@leg.wa.gov, Larry.Springer@leg.wa.gov, Derek.Stanford@leg.wa.gov, Pat.Sullivan@leg.wa.gov, David.Taylor@leg.wa.gov, Steve.Tharinger@leg.wa.gov, Brandon.Vick@leg.wa.gov, Mike.Volz@leg.wa.gov, JT.Wilcox@leg.wa.gov

3. In addition, if you have friends or family in the **Spokane** area, please have them call Appropriations Chair Timm Ormsby at (360) 786-7946, using that e-mail as a script, or send the same e-mail to him using this form:

Spread the word TODAY!


Cascadia Spiritwear

Do you want to show your Cascadia school spirit, but don’t have a Cascadia t-shirt? Or a hoodie? Or a baseball cap for Spring? Well – now is your chance!

If you missed the opportunity at the start of school year to order school logo wear, or just want another – the Cascadia Spirit wear store is now open again for orders. We have a great lineup of t-shirts and sweatshirts in various color options, as well as baseball caps, all in a range of sizes to fit the whole family.

To place an order, go to https://cascadiaelementaryseattle2017.itemorder.com/ and select the items you’d like to purchase and pay online. We are not able to accept offline orders or payment by check.

Delivery will be made via KidMail in mid-late March. When you place your order, you will be asked to include your child’s name and room number for delivery purposes. If you are ordering for more than one child, you need only provide the child’s name you want the whole delivery to go to.

Order deadline is Sunday March 4. Be sure and get your orders in early so you don’t miss out!

Sizing: Please be sure and refer to the size charts online. Some sample sizes are available in the office if you would like to see the size of an item. No refunds or exchanges can be made except for defective items accepted directly by the vendor.

Go, Dragons!

Cascadia Sprit Wear Committee – Spiritwear at Cascadiapta.org


Lunar New Year Celebration


It’s time for Cascadia’s Lunar New Year celebration: Tuesday, February 13, 6-8pm!   Join us for the Lion dance, a performance by Hengda Dance Company, student New Year contributions, crafts, and snacks.
We will need lots of volunteers for what is one of our largest annual events–sign up HERE today if you can help out!


What Parents and Educators Need to Know about Smart Kids

The Cascadia PTA would like to invite you to a talk titled “What Parents and Educators Need to Know about Smart Kids” given by Austina De Bonte, president of the Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA), on Thursday, February 1, 2018, 7:00-9:00 p.m., in Cascadia Elementary’s gym. Ms. De Bonte has given versions of this talk in the past at many schools and conferences, and she gave a presentation on equity in HC to the SPS board of directors in June 2017. She provides useful, accessible insights into social and academic needs — backed up with lots research and her many years’ experience in education. We think you’ll find this talk uniquely worthwhile, and we hope you can find time to attend.

Families are also welcome to use the lunch room area for a nut-free picnic dinner beforehand, if needed. (Just be sure to clean up!)

About the Talk:

What Parents and Educators Need to Know about Smart Kids

Many people are surprised to learn that their child’s unique “quirks” are actually well-studied social and emotional behavior patterns that appear across large populations of highly intelligent children. Whether it’s refusing to wear shirts with buttons or tags, overreacting to the slightest criticism, gravitating towards adults and older children, forgetting to turn in their homework, trouble with handwriting, anxiety about trying something new, or preferring a book to a party, these and
many other perplexing behaviors are common in this population.

Learn what’s normal, what to expect as they grow, and why genuine challenge is vitally important for kids’ social and emotional development, as well as developing their academic talents, from the preschool and elementary years all the way to high school and beyond.


Terracycle Report 2018


Box tops – practically free money!

Thank you for clipping and bringing in the BoxTops for Education! Another pile was sent off for another $52.00 Keep clipping!

The collection canister is in the corner to the left as you enter office. The money collected through BoxTops is deposited into our school’s Self Help Fund; money from this fund pays for things teachers need, staff room supplies, field trip scholarships, and other small special needs beyond the regular budgets. Learn more about the program: here including how you can get coupons and upload receipts to contribute.

If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact parent coordinator, Tyra Sorensen twosolvej at gmail.com. Box Tops collection is a parent volunteer effort and separate from PTA fundraising, who we appreciate for all they do!


You are invited to PE Health & Wellness Night!

Our 3rd annual PE Health & Wellness Night is coming up on Wednesday, February 7th from 5:00-7:00 PM in the gym and commons area. We invite all of you to come and participate in fun PE style activities and to learn something new about health and wellness! This is an awesome time to come in person and see what your kids are learning in PE class. All family members can participate too, so come in comfy clothes and your sneakers. We will have many community partners here to teach you and your child about how to be safe, active, healthy and stay well. Our goal is to have all the whole family participating.

The winter Olympics are starting on February 9th with opening ceremonies. We are following an Olympic theme this year and will have some winter Olympic themed activities to participate in as well. Feel free to wear any Olympics garb that you may own that is comfortable to celebrate the 2018 Olympics with us.

If you are a parent, or know someone, who would like to participate in our event as a community partner, please email Ms. Sayles and Mrs. Briones (kasayles at seattleschools dot org, sabriones at seattleschools dot org). We would love to have you there with us.

We also need about 10 parent volunteers during the event to help us run things smoothly. We would need your assistance from about 4:30-7:30 pm. Please email us if you can offer assistance during our event.

Thank you and we look forward to a fun night with our Dragon community!

Mrs. Briones & Ms. Sayles


Movie Night: Jan. 19 – Zootopia

Cascadia’s next Movie Night is Friday, January 19: Zootopia. There will be free pizza (first come/first served–no RSVP needed) in the Commons at 5:30 p.m., and the movie will run in the gym 6:00-7:50 p.m. This is not a drop-off event. Bring blanket/pillows!


Current Volunteer Needs

Urgent: Recess Reading needs a volunteer every Thursday until midwinter break. Thursdays @ 10:30-11:30 a.m.


Friday Movie Night: January 19 @ 5:30 p.m. A couple of volunteers to help manage pizza and with minimal clean-up. Movie: Zootopia.


Save the date: Cascadia’s annual Lunar New Year celebration will be on Tuesday, February 13 @ 6:00 p.m. SignUpGenius lists will be forthcoming for help with set-up, clean-up, and potluck. Keep an eye out for it!


Cascadia PE Communications

Hello fantastic families and happy new year,

Welcome to 2018! It is a new year, and we have a new way of sharing information that comes from the Cascadia PE program for the rest of the school year. Starting in February, we will only be sharing our newsletter, monthly PE calendar, and activity challenges on our Schoology site. If you have a student in Seattle Public Schools that is a middle or high school student already, you are already using Schoology as it is a requirement. At the elementary level, we are all just getting trained and starting to use it more and more throughout the district. This Schoology website is a powerful communication tool for us to organize all of our information, resources, events, assignments, quizzes and much more. It is secure and safe for us to share anything student or family related to you.

To sign up for parent view of Schoology:

First parents must create a Source account if they haven’t done so already. Directions are on this site.
Then parents create a Schoology account. Directions are here.

After you successfully sign up, please go to your students PE page from Cascadia to find the current month’s newsletter, as well as all archived newsletters from this school year. We will also be adding resources every month that will prove useful for our students and you as a family. Please answer the one question true/false question under the quiz section to indicate that you have found our page by Wednesday, January 31st.

This email for January is a hybrid email, meaning that we are attaching our newsletter as well as directing you to our Schoology webpage. For the rest of the school year, our goal will be to only communicate our newsletters via Schoology and not through the emails that we have been sending monthly. We receive many bounce back emails every month and know that we are not getting our communications to everyone like we hope to, so this is a great solution to this problem. An added bonus is that we can share resources all in one place without overloading your already full and busy inboxes.

Thank you for your help in signing up, logging in, and answering the quiz question by the end of January. We will be making announcements in our classes as well to let our students know that they can access our website as well through their student account, or through your account, to get to resources we share during PE class.

Be happy, be healthy!

Shirley Briones  &  Kate Sayles


PTA Bronze Award for Cascadia

In our first year at our new school, we’ve achieved the PTA’s Bronze Award for enrolling 50% or more of the previous year’s membership by September 30. Since we’ve actually enrolled 75% of last year’s membership from a smaller overall school population, we are very proud of our parent engagement. You rock!

Thank you for supporting the Cascadia Elementary community.


After School Club Update

Just a quick club registration update: As a reminder, club registration closed last Friday at 8:00pm, as stated in my previous emails. However, since registration opened on a Sunday, we have accepted registrations turned in through last Sunday.  All registrations received after that point have been automatically waitlisted until we have inputted those that were turned in on time.

Our goal is to let families know before winter break starts about club placements. Kids Co. will be sending over confirmations via email over the next week. We will have all club placements done by next Wednesday, December 13th.

If your child has been waitlisted for a club, we will contact as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa at vanessak at kidscompany.org or Ryan at ryanc at kidscompany.org.

Thank you!
Vanessa Kitchner
Program Manager
Kids Co. at Cascadia
Kids Co. at Decatur


Kids Co Preschool Opening

Kids Co. is very excited to announce that we will be opening a licensed preschool program on January 2nd for ages 3-5 years old!

We will be hosting an open house on Thursday December 14th from 5-7pm for famiilies to come meet the teachers and see the space.


Box Tops for Education

Thank you for all the BoxTops that you have collected and brought in to the office!
The last submission was for $80.70 and I have another large pile to process.
The collection box, a dressed up oatmeal cylinder, is in the corner by the window; go left as you enter office.

Learn more about the program: http://www.boxtops4education.com/about including how you can get coupons and upload receipts to contribute.

If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact parent coordinator, Tyra Sorensen twosolvej at gmail.com

Box Tops collection is a parent volunteer effort and separate from PTA fundraising, who we appreciate for all they do!


Cascadia Candy Challenge 2017 Results

The 3rd annual Cascadia Candy Challenge brought in 685 pounds of candy this year!  This averages out to about 1.3 pounds per student. Our top winning classes tied in the amount they brought in and averaged 2.54 pounds per student. Congratulations to Mr. Warren and Ms. Erickson’s classes for bringing in the most candy this year! They will receive a pizza party sponsored by Best Dentistry who sent our candy off for us. The 3rd grade level will have an extra 30 minutes at field day this Spring. We are so proud of your donations to our active military and for choosing to eat less candy and be healthy!


Your PE teachers-

Mrs. Briones and Ms. Sayles



Donate to the art program!

Dear Friends!

As the year closes out please save the following recycled items for the Art Program. Donations can be sent in with students to drop off to the art room or left outside the office.

  1. Old Calendars with pictures for classroom reference and collage.
  2. Gift wrap roll tubes, paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls
  3. origami paper


Lost and Found Donation Coming Up

Last Call for Lost and Found All items left will be donated on Friday Dec 1 after movie night!!


Picture Retakes, This Wednesday, 11/19

Who should have their picture retaken?

  • If you are not completely happy with your student’s photo, Yuen Lui will gladly retake it. Please send in your original photo package with your student on Retake Day.
  • If your student was absent on Picture Day on October 20th, they should have their photo taken on Retake Day.

If you would like to have your student included in Picture Retake Day for either of those reasons, please directly notify your student’s teacher, and Cc the Picture Day chair, Cheryl Haug (cheryl at houseofhaug dot net).

Also, it’s not too late to order pictures!! If your child had a picture taken in October, but you did not order any photos, you should have received a packet with a photo proof and an online code to use to order them through the Yuen Lui website (http://www.yuenluistudio.com).


Winter Club Sign Up

This is just a reminder that registration opens on Monday, November 27th at 8:00am. Families will have one week to turn in forms. Registrations will be inputted based on a lottery system after the one-week period. Any forms turned in after that point will automatically be put on a waitlist until the other forms have been inputted.

Registration form and club information may be found here. Please do not submit your form until 8:00am on Monday.

If we have not received payment for fall term yet, you will not be allowed to register your child for winter term until payment is made.

Please send registrations to ostcascadia at kidscompany.org. We will confirm with families before winter break about which clubs your child is in. If your child is waitlisted, Kids Co. will notify families as soon as possible.

Classes will not start until Monday, January 8th.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
Vanessa Kitchner
Program Manager
Kids Co. at Cascadia

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