Bike To School Day, May 20

Friday is bike to school day.  Everyone is invited to bike/unicycle to school.

Students may bike from their homes with a parent, or join one of two bike trains (info below).  Participants will check in upon arrival for a small reward.

Even students who live too far from Cascadia to participate may join the fun – consider driving to a bike train to join them for the ride, and, students are invited to complete a bike-bingo or a bike-minutes-calendar and submit them at school at the end of the month.

 Bike Trains:
  1. Adrienne will leave the 6th avenue pocket park (NW. 76th and 6th Ave NW) around 7:05, head north on 6th, east on 84th, and north again on Fremont to stop by the Greenwood Park around 7:25, and proceed to school from there.
  2.  Megan will leave the USPS at 11036 8th Ave NE around 7:10, head south on 8th, west across the Northgate pedestrian bridge, and south again on Wallingford.

    Notes: if last minute changes are necessary they will be posted here, please check back.