There are so many things that we will appreciate that much more once we return to campus and one thing for certain is that we have an amazing school staff! While the school building may be closed, the staff is still working very hard – delivering learning online, connecting with families, preparing meals and delivering them, providing childcare, and cleaning facilities.

A perfect time to give a big THANK YOU is National Teacher Appreciation week, May 4-8. While we often thank our teachers every day, it’s during Teacher Appreciation Week when we pause and really show our love for the teachers in our lives.

This is a great opportunity to get creative!! Some ideas of ways for students and parents to show appreciation are:

  • Send emails with notes of thanks
  • Make cards or artwork, scan it, and email to your teacher. GeniusScan is a free app for turning photographs into pdfs
  • Make a video of your student and email it their teacher
  • Coordinate with the class and have students make signs to hold up on a class call


In addition to your personal notes, we are going to make a big sign to put up on the front door of the building so anyone coming to the building that week will see it. We invite students to come by and sign or write a note. We will then take a picture at the end of the week and send it off to all the staff. The sign will be up Monday morning, May 4.

In addition to our classroom teachers, we have a wonderful group of additional staff members that significantly impact our students. We ask that students also send notes off to these staff members to show their appreciation.   We will send a complete contact list in email.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about Appreciation Week please let us know! We cant wait to hear what you all decide to do!

Thanks, Jolie Nivison and Jen Morrison, Staff Appreciation Co-Chairs