Global Reading Challenge

photo of books on library shelves in a bright room

Calling all 4th and 5th graders! The Seattle Public Library Global Reading Challenge is once again under way.

This is the annual “battle of the books” challenge where teams of seven students—both 4th and 5th graders—will read 10 books representing a wide variety of reading levels and genres.

Working with their team, students will answer specific, fact- and content-based questions about the books. In early February, a Seattle Public Librarian will moderate Cascadia’s In-School Challenge. One Cascadia team will advance to a Semi-Final round at SPL’s downtown library in early March. From there, one team from each Semi-Final round will advance to the City Final at SPL’s downtown library in late March.  

Teachers and I will create teams of participating students; once teams are formed, students will remain on their team. To sign up, please fill out the online form (below) is due Friday, November 15th. December through February, students will meet once a week at lunch and lunch recess to practice answering questions about the books.

IMPORTANT: Students must begin reading outside school by December. Students who sign up must commit to it and regularly meet with their team during lunch and lunch recess. Class work and homework come first, but this is not an average extra-curricular activity and only dedicated students should apply. Parents and guardians need to be certain that this is something they’ll allow their child to participate in and please make sure that this is something your child wants to participate in and NOT something you are requiring for them. Students that do not make a strong personal commitment can let down their team members. By Friday, November 15th, please fill out the form below.

Merrick Bodmer, Teacher-Librarian

Cascadia Elementary School

(206) 413-2014