The triumphant return of Cascadia’s Makerspace, the iLab! [Volunteer & Donation Opportunities]

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STEM | Making | Tinkering | Engineering  | Fun!

Volunteer in our school makerspace! We are fortunate at Cascadia to have an amazing makerspace, known as the iLab. This year, Cascadia will introduce a new iLab STEM education program for our youngest students (grades 1 & 2), and all classrooms will utilize the iLab to build, create, and explore STEM concepts throughout the school year. Come check out the premises on the second floor.

Material donations can keep the iLab producing creative work all year!


Parent volunteers will help our teachers facilitate making and tinkering projects. Volunteer roles include:

  • Like to organize? Monthly organizing, tidying, and material prepping of the iLab space so that it is always ready for our teachers and students.
  • Like to teach 1st and 2nd graders? Helping to facilitate STEM lessons in the iLab for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms as part of our new iLab STEM Education program. Curriculum and training will be provided in the fall. All 1st and 2nd grade classrooms will get 6-7 visits to the iLab to engage in tinkering and engineering projects. We’re looking for volunteers to help teach these classes, especially if you have a STEM background (not required).
  • Like to be a classroom helper? We also need parents who are able to help out when classes at all grade levels visit the iLab to work on projects. This includes helping teachers prep materials, managing materials during activities, and helping clean up the space. This doesn’t require teaching, just helping out.
  • Got stuff to donate? Keep an eye on the Dragon Digest for requests for donations of specific types of materials, supplies, and tech.

Questions? Contact Kristen Bergsman, Coordinator of the 1st & 2nd grade iLab STEM Education Program, at

Donate Materials

General needs for the iLab include the following. Keep an eye on your Dragon Digest for calls for materials for specific projects in the future!

  • Spools of thread (all colors except pink!)
  • Binder clips (all sizes)
  • Round-headed brass brad fasteners
  • Rubber bands (all sizes)
  • Googly eyes
  • Rolls of aluminum foil
  • Hole punches – fun shapes and single-hole punches
  • Tape of all sorts: washi, duct, electrical, masking
  • Plastic or wooden rulers
  • Cotton balls
  • Glitter glue (new bottles only)
  • Clothespins
  • Assorted beads
  • Chenille stems, aka pipe cleaners
  • LEGO bricks and blocks
  • Small Shop-Vac (in good working order) and filters
  • Snap Circuit kits and components (Elenco Electronics)

Materials may be left outside of the main office; label your bag or box “iLab.” Small items may be placed in the iLab mailbox in the office.