Call to Action – Building and Maintaining Safer School Facilities

Here is a note from our Advocacy chairs, and the Advocacy Chair of the WSPTA:

Your voice is critical…and it only takes a few minutes!

We live in a beautiful state, but one that faces the threat of earthquakes and other emergencies on a daily basis. Our students and staff, who spend a large part of their day at school, deserve to be as safe as possible. That means school facilities that are up to current seismic standards, buildings that have appropriate and ample emergency supplies, staff who are properly trained to handle emergencies, and families who are informed and educated about safety procedures.

Our Washington state legislature is currently grappling with tough funding choices, and we need them to make school facility and student safety a priority.

Please take just a few minutes to advocate for kids! Ask legislators to support seismic retrofits and structural analysis, ensure proper staff training (including temporary staff), and provide needed emergency supplies.