Didn’t purchase a yearbook for your student?

Thanks to the generosity of our Cascadia Community, ALL 5th graders will receive a yearbook regardless of prior purchase on their Promotion Day (Thursday, 6/20/24). 

For Grades 1-4: On the last day of school (Friday, 6/21/24), a limited amount of parent donated yearbooks will be available at the school’s front desk to students who appear in person to ask for one.  These yearbooks will be distributed at no charge to students on a first come, first served basis. Once these yearbooks are gone, families can order a yearbook using the Yuen Lui ship to home option for summer arrival.

Please visit this customer service link for all Yuen Lui yearbook related questions and to order a yearbook to be shipped to your mailing address over the summer: https://yuenluischools.com/contact.

If you would like to volunteer to help produce the 2024-2025 yearbook, please send an email to: volunteer@cascadiapta.org.