Incident on 90th and Nesbit – Ways to Advocate for Safety

On June 14, a shooting on 90th & Nesbit injured two people and put Cascadia Elementary School and Robert Eagle Staff Middle School in a shelter-in-place. We thank our teachers and staff for responding quickly and maintaining a calm, alert presence while first responders tended to the victims and ensured that our students were not at risk of harm.

Our children must be safe in order to learn. Our teachers and staff in the school buildings must be safe to do their jobs. We encourage our families to use the following resources to support and get involved in work to reduce gun violence and support the safety of our community.

To get involved in gun advocacy:
About Everytown for Gun Safety | Everytown
Home – Moms Demand Action | Moms Demand Action

To get involved in improving the Aurora Corridor
Aurora Reimagined Coalition (

To write to the Mayor:
Contact the Mayor – Mayor |

To identify and contact your Seattle City Council Rep:
Meet the Council – Council |