The 2022/23 Red Envelope Campaign – Dream Big Edition starts… Now! 

By now, your student should have brought home a red envelope and pledge form. If not, please ask them about it or check the bottom of backpacks!

This is Cascadia PTA’s one and only fundraiser – with all funds raised being used for the current school year. Our ask this year is $400 per student. Of course, we know that all families have different finances and some may choose to give far beyond the ask and others well below. Please donate what makes sense for your family’s situation.

Checks are the preferred method of donation to avoid processing costs, but of course, you can always donate online as well. If your company offers corporate matching, don’t forget to request a match and indicate so on the pledge form so the PTA can anticipate the funds.

Click here to donate online via PayPal

Our goal is to have 100% of the red envelopes returned by October 28th, regardless of if you make a donation or how you donate. The class with the highest level of participation (meaning envelopes returned) will earn a space theme class party – complete with astronaut food, games and fun! Additionally, a returned red envelope will be drawn each week and the winning student will be called to the office to claim their prize. Prizes are displayed in front of the office; have your child check them out!

Thank you Cascadia community! Your support helps our dragons thrive.

Questions? As always, feel free to email