About ADHD and Supporting Your Student

Attention Cascadia parents! Do you have questions or wonders about ADHD or how to best support your ADHD student? If so, then reserve Thursday, 3/17, from 6-7:15 pm on your calendar. One of our parents, Catherine, Mutti-Driscoll, currently working as an ADHD and Executive Function coach at the Hallowell Todaro Center, has offered to spend some time providing tips and strategies, and answering your ADHD-related questions. To focus the discussion, we ask that you submit questions you’d like answered to Camille Paul (clpaul at seattleschools.org) by Friday, 3/11. (Questions will be anonymous.) In addition to being an ADHD coach, Catherine has a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Washington and is certified as a Sanity School Parent and Teacher Trainer. She has expertise related to a variety of neurodevelopmental disabilities from her work and training at the Center on Human Development and Disability at UW.