Mask Upgrades for Students

The following message is from Theresa Glatstein, our PTA President:

Due to the omicron variant, health officials have encouraged people to upgrade their masks. The consensus seems to be that surgical masks are better than cloth and KN95 or KN94 (there are no N95 masks made to fit children’s faces) are better still. The caveat to surgical and KN95/KN94 masks are that they need to fit well and be comfortable enough for students to wear all day.

To support the health of our school community, the PTA is offering the following resources for families:
1. We are offering KN95/KN94 masks for students. Please email
2. This folder ( ) [from the Mask Nerd] contains research and information on masks.
3. If that is too much, or you just want to know what are good options, this spreadsheet ( ) contains the Mask Nerd’s tested masks for children.