Cascadia Learning Garden Wishlist

The Garden Program offers hands-on learning for our 3rd Grade students. To prepare the program for success once students are back in the building, we are asking families who are able to donate the following supplies:

  • 10-20  kids sized gloves (in various sizes)
  • Compost (always good to have!)
  • Burlap
  • Netting for the strawberry bed
  • Cucumber trellis
  • Clippers
  • 2-3 tomato cages
  • 1-2 watering cans
  • Materials for a new bed
    • Wood, screws, etc
  • Wildlife-attracting items like bird feeders, bird bath, pollinator hotel, etc.
  • A rain barrel
  • Large colorful plastic planter pots for the herb garden
  • 5 empty garbage bins for potatoes 
  • 4-5 large metal troughs for planting
  • A gutter system for the shed
  • Large black plastic nursery pots  
  • Logs! We are looking for large log rounds for seating for an outdoor learning space.
  • One bag of quikrete or other quick-dry cement mix

*Most of these items can be pre-owned!

Please contact Nicole at if you are able to donate! Thank you!