Results: Reflections Art Contest

Congratulations to the student artists that took part in the Reflections Art program this year. Their work was truly amazing!


All participants will be recognized at an upcoming community meeting with a certificate and ribbon. Their artwork will be on display in the Armory at Seattle Center December 7-19. It’s a great show if you have time to visit! Well done, Dragons!!

Twelve finalists were selected to advance to the city level of this competition run by the National PTA:

    • Aislynn (Bass)
    • Eloise (Gibbons)
    • Alex (Gibbons)
    • Violet (Gibbons)
    • Kiskoli (Lawler)
    • Ayame (Rohrabaugh)
    • Mia (Rohrabaugh)
    • Esme (Peacock)
    • Rachel (Spreen)
    • Angela (Taylor)
    • Anjou (Brown)
    • Ella (Taylor)