Lost and Found Updates

The Lost and Found is bursting with coats, shirts, lunch containers, books, and miscellaneous other belongings. A generous volunteer regularly sorts, returns, and itemizes all lost items, posting photos in the Parent Facebook group to help families to reunite with their lost items. Currently so many things are collecting that a request for more hangers was needed! Note that lost items that are not claimed will be donated on December 6.

If you are not on Facebook and wish to check the lost and found, it’s just inside the entrance on your right across from the library at the first stairwell.

If you are not regularly on the school campus, parent conferences are a great time to check for items belonging to your student.

Note: if items have a name, an attempt to return to students is made before being donated. Label everything your student wears or brings to school! Many jackets currently in the lost and found have a blank label for writing a name inside the garment.