Volunteer Positions

The Cascadia PTA is still looking for volunteers for a few key jobs.  These are great choices for either new or returning parents.If any of these sound interesting, please contact president@cascadiapta.org.  The PTA looks forward to working with you!

1.  Someone who loves dotting i’s and crossing t’s to make sure the PTA meets all important dates and commitments next year.  The work load is steady through the year, but never more than two hours per week, with monthly check-ins at the board meetings.
2.  Someone who loves fiddling with the back-end of websites to join our dynamic communications team.  You don’t have to love writing newsletters, but staying on top of community happenings is a plus.  This is a year-long commitment still in development and may or may not include monthly board meetings.
3.  Someone who loves handing out awards to help coordinate our recognition committees and the annual Reflections Art context.  This position is a combination of a handful of discrete jobs throughout the year.  It is still in development and may or may not include monthly board meetings.
4.  Someone who loves sending out newsy updates to help with PTA fundraising communication.  This position would involve extra work during the annual fundraiser, but no on-going duties.  Great mentors for an easy ramp-up.
5.  Someone who loves working with other people and setting schedules to help coordinate volunteers for our expanded i-Lab program.  This position will include steady work throughout the year, but can mostly be done from home.