We know we have been asking a lot in terms of advocacy recently but there is a lot going on at the state and local district level. The bill below is time sensitive and a big opportunity to bring equity to identifying a more diverse HiCap population across the state. Please consider helping move this forward!

The Equity for HiCap bill (SHB 2927) is in trouble. It needs to get onto the House Appropriations schedule by tomorrow. The bill passed unanimously through the Education Committee, so now it is merely a priority issue in that Appropriations has only so much time to hear bills before the deadline. Help us get this bill slotted higher on Appropriations Committee schedule.

If you can, please stop and do these 3 things now:

1. f you are in the Puget Sound area, we are urging everyone to stop what you are doing right now and contact Education Committee Chair Sharon Santos sharonTomiko.santos@leg.wa.govand Appropriations Vice Chair June Robinson june.robinson@leg.wa.govabout SHB 2927. Sample e-mail below (although it’s always better to rewrite it in your own words):

Subject: Urgent: Get SHB 2927 onto Appropriations Schedule
Body of E-mail:
Dear Ms. Santos, Dear Ms. Robinson:
The Equity for HiCap bill (SHB 2927) has still not been scheduled for appropriations. I am worried that it is going to miss the cut off. Can you please work with Rep. Timm Ormsby to get this on the appropriations hearing schedule ASAP? As you know, this is a very urgent issue for Seattle and will substantially improve equity–and long term, the achievement gap. Catching these students early will prevent disengagement, behavior problems, drop outs and kids lost to the prison pipeline, ultimately saving the state money–as well as being the right thing to do.
[your name]

2. Outside of the Puget Sound area, please send the same e-mail to following Appropriations Committee members (or, if you have family or friends in Washington, have them do so as well)–cut and paste into your “To” field:

3. In addition, if you are, or you have friends or family, in the **Spokane**area, please have them call Appropriations Chair Timm Ormsby at (360) 786-7946, using that e-mail as a script, or send the same e-mail to him using this form:

Spread the word TODAY, and thanks for helping with this effort.

New High School Science Alignment Information

Seattle Public Schools is making significant changes to the science curriculum for high school students starting with the 2018-19 school year. If it moves forward as proposed, it will influence the ability to take AP science coursework, impact the IB program and eliminate special programs like Ballard’s biotech academy. Please read here for more information.

If you would like to get involved with advocacy surrounding the science curriculum, please contact Tia Keenan tmkeenan at with any questions and to be added to their Google group for more information.

Community meetings this week:

To learn about science curriculum, voice your opinions and to learn more about K-12 funding:

Curriculum Instruction Committee

  • Tuesday Feb, 6th at 4:30
  • John Stanford District Office in the board office conference room off the main office
  • Open to the public, but no public comment time

K-12 Education Funding & the Effects on SPS

  • Tuesday Feb 6th from 7-9 pm
  • Ballard High School Library
  • Participate with a panel discussion of funding issues with City council, district, Board members and State representatives: O’Brian, Pinkham, & Mack, the SPS Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance, and the Seattle Council PTSA & WA state PTA representative.

For more information go to the event Facebook page:

Science Community Engagement Meeting

  • Thursday February 8th from 6:30-8 pm
  • Garfield High School
  • Bring your questions right to the district representatives

Resolution 10 Outcome from the 1/31 School Board meeting:

Thanks to all who joined in our advocacy, spoke, attended and wrote to School board members!

The result: The substitute resolution we supported passed – to develop a plan to increase access to advanced learning in high school and to implement better identification practices. The board did NOT approve the original resolution to localize (decentralize) high school Highly Capable (HC) services, which would have sent HC students to neighborhood high schools starting in 2021.

More Details About the Meeting & Its Implications

  • More Highly Capable High School Pathways starting in Fall 2019: Starting in Fall 2019, instead of having one Highly Capable pathway for all high school students (Garfield), there will be three pathways for incoming high school students: Garfield (central and south pathway), Lincoln (north pathway), West Seattle (west pathway) plus Ingraham as an option. There is NOT a plan to have HC students attend neighborhood high schools starting in 2021, as was oringially proposed.
  • Revised High School Boundaries: The board approved revised high school boundaries, mainly in North Seattle, starting in 2019, related to the opening of Lincoln High School in 2019.
  • Staff Will Develop A Plan to Improve Advanced Learning Access in High School and Improve Identification: The board approved a resolution (a substitute to the original resolution) to develop a detailed plan for more equitable access to advanced coursework in all high schools following a collaborative planning process between now and Fall of 2019. This plan would be presented in Fall 2019, with any recommendations regarding pathway or boundary changes presented in Spring 2020, for implementation in Fall 2021. The resolution also calls for more equitable identification practices for advanced learning and HC services to be implemented by 2019. An amendment to the substitute resolution, to localize HC high school pathways (decentralize to neighborhood schools) in 2021, was voted down, with only Directors Geary and DeWolf voting for it.

New Private Testing Changes for HCC Appeals:

Advanced Learning has made some changes to the information regarding private testing to support appeals of eligibility decisions for the 2018-19 school year. Please review the updated information here. There are higher cut-off scores for HCC appeals and even if these standards are met, students are not guaranteed admission. The Advanced Learning office will begin posting eligibility decisions in early December, and plan to complete the process, including appeals, by early February.

Information about requirements for submitting scores and reports can be found here. If you want clarification about these new policies or have concerns based on your students’ needs, we would encourage you to reach out to the advanced learning office at to let them know your thoughts.