News from the Washington State Legislature:

Interested in advocating for lifting the levy lid so SPS won’t experience such a huge budget shortfall? Would you like to talk to your representative about the highly capable bill that the Senate just passed unanimously but we still need the House to consider?

Speak directly with your representatives as they return from Olympia to hold mid-session town halls, in local meeting spaces. Below is the only currently announced date for North Seattle.

Not sure who your reps are? Find your district here.

Town Hall plans can change – please check the event info linked to for each meeting (when available) or confirm time and location with your rep’s office or website before attending.

36th district – March 24th, 2pm-4pm at Lantern Brewing, 938 N 95th St, Seattle

Let’s show up and make sure our reps know we expect a funding fix now!

The time to act is now in support of funding our schools!

Seattle voters recently approved a levy for education funding, but in order to collect the funds voters approved and maintain funding for Seattle Public Schools at the same level as it is now, the state legislature needs to approve lifting the levy lid that restricts the funds that local districts can raise through levies. The Senate Ways and Means committee is currently considering a bill, SB 5313 that will allow us flexibility to use the levy funds that Seattle has approved and are waiting for our schools. If this bill does not pass, Seattle Public Schools will face a huge budget shortfall next year.


The Senate Ways and Means committee was supposed to consider this bill on March 1, but did not take any action to pass it out of committee. Please call the senators on the Ways and Means committee asap  and let them know that you want this bill passed on to the full senate. We really have a chance to get some of the funds back but it won’t happen if we don’t demand the state take action.


Here is a list of the senators on the Ways and Means committee and their phone numbers:


Here is sample script:
Hi, my name is ____, and I am calling to urge you to pass SB5313 out of the Ways and Means committee and bring it to a vote in the senate, and to vote yes to lift the levy lid. I am a parent of a child in Seattle Public Schools, and if this bill does not pass, our school will face a massive budget shortfall. This bill is needed just to maintain our already underfunded schools at the same level of funding they have now.
Thank you!
Cascadia PTA Advocacy


RESMS Changes

The PTA Board reached out to staff who are working on the Student Assignment Transition Plan to get some info on upcoming changes to RESMS boundaries, including HC middle school pathways. They advised that there will be an engagement just for Licton Springs in February. Then they will likely start engaging the Robert Eagle Staff community in the Spring of 2019. That engagement will be dependent on the outcome of the engagement with the Licton Springs Community.

2019-20 Boundary Changes for Jane Addams Middle School and Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, the Seattle School Board approved a boundary adjustment to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Jane Addams Middle School, with grandfathering for current Robert Eagle Staff Middle School students. This change assigns all Olympic View Elementary students to Jane Addams Middle School for grade 6, instead of assigning students east of I-5 to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. It was made in response to community feedback and to help relieve overcrowding at Eagle Staff.

Grandfathering has been approved for students who are currently attending Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. This means students currently assigned to Eagle Staff will continue to be assigned to the school through the end of grade 8. Students new to the district will be assigned based on the new attendance area boundaries. This boundary adjustment will not change your high school attendance area. [Read More]

Levies up for a vote in February

Two levies will come up on a special election February 12, 2019 (

Operations Levy – Fills gap between what the state covers and what the schools needs to operate:  guarantees services for special education and support for vulnerable students

Building Excellence Levy – Adds buildings, reduces portables, and provides technology infrastructure.

Fun fact about the Building Excellence Levy – These schools will be entirely replaced or modernized:  Alki, John Rogers, Kimball, Mercer, Montlake, Northgate, Rainier Beach and Viewlands.  You can always find the latest news on legislative actions from the WA State PTA advocacy page:

Learn more!
All are invited to attend a presentation by SPS to find out more about the importance of the SPS levies and their impact on the District’s budget. Dates and locations when the discussion is held can be found on the district calendar. The levies will be up for a vote on Feb 12.

Speak up and ask questions at local community meetings with School Board Directors

Community Meetings held with Directors of the School Board are an excellent way to learn about school programs and policies, as well as to advocate for your views on district decisions and practices. The full meeting schedule is available on the District website. These are more intimate meetings held in smaller venues like a public library where one on one dialogue and discussion is possible. Directors hold various community meetings throughout the year. These meetings will be listed on their individual Director pages, as well as on the Board calendar. Please click here for full calendar of Board meetings.

UPDATE re: Middle School Assignments

Following the discussions around overcrowding at RESMS last week, families were sent the quoted update below. The Cascadia PTA will continue to update families as the district’s plans evolve.

Dear Families,Thank you to those who have participated in the conversation around over-enrollment and building capacity issues at the campus shared by Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Licton Springs K-8.

We have decided to slow down the process after meeting with families on Nov. 7. As a result, we are canceling the meeting scheduled for Nov. 13 at Whitman Middle School.

We will be moving forward a recommendation to the School Board that assigns all Olympic View Elementary neighborhood students to Jane Adams Middle School for the 2019-20 school year. The recommendation will also include grandfathering for current Robert Eagle Staff students.

As a result, for the 2019-20 school year there will continue to be overcrowding at the Robert Eagle Staff and Licton Springs K-8 building. We are working with the school leaders to schedule meetings to discuss more thoughtful engagement and future plans.

A work session on School Boundary Changes is scheduled for November 19 at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence from 4:30 – 6 p.m. This update will be discussed at the work session.

We look forward to working with families to develop a long-term solution that addresses the capacity issues and reflects the needs of students and families.


Michael Tolley                           Wyeth Jessee

Chief Academic Officer             Chief of Student Supports


There are a number of education bills being looked at by the WA state house and senate, including on requiring universal screening for 2nd and 6th graders to determine advanced learning eligibility. Follow this bill and more at:

As the next legislative session gets underway we will be following these items and keeping you posted as to their progress.


Large budget shortfalls are predicted for the 2019/2020 years and going into the future. Learn more at:

and read about the Operations Levy here:

School Board news:

As always the school board welcomes your feedback. To attend a meeting see the calendar below, or email your comments to: