Next Community Reads Book Club Meeting – Raising Your Spirited Child, May 16, Following PTA Meeting

Before spring break the Cascadia PTA hosted our first Community Reads book club meeting. A small group of parents discussed So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo. Our goal is to share a book with the community a few times a year, and we are pleased to announce our final selection for 2019.

This spring we have chosen the book Raising You Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. This book description says: The spirited child—often called “difficult” or “strong-willed”—possesses traits we value in adults yet find challenging in children. Research shows that spirited kids are wired to be “more”—by temperament, they are more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and uncomfortable with change than the average child. In this revised edition of the award-winning classic, voted one of the top twenty books for parents, Kurcinka provides vivid examples and a refreshingly positive viewpoint.

While this book is not explicitly directed towards academically highly capable children, we believe that many of our parents will appreciate the positive approach to parenting our sometimes challenging, but always amazing children. The book contains real stories from other parents and numerous practical tips for working with your children.

We also believe that considering the variation in children and their strengths will help our community discuss learning and neuro-diversity, supporting our goal to build a welcoming school for every student.

Please join us in reading Raising Your Spirited Child during the next month. We will be holding a book discussion on May 16, directly following the General Membership PTA meeting. We hope that this is both a productive and enjoyable evening for all of our members.