New system for Lost and Found items

When lost and found items were last purged some parents expressed concern that if an item had only just been lost it would be purged before its owner had a chance to reclaim it. Based on this and some other good input, we are trying a new system with the lost and found.

All items will go into a two week rotation system. Newly lost items go on the “new-lost-item rack” for two weeks and will then get shifted to the “old-lost-items rack.”  When items are moved to the old-lost-item rack pictures will be posted in the parent group on Facebook by our lost and found volunteers. On the last school day of the month the old-lost-items will be donated.   This results in each item beingon the rack for at least two weeks before it is donated. Note that labeled items will be separated and will be returned to the child’s classroom. Please label all loose items with a name and phone number so it is easier to return labeled items.

The next purge is on FRIDAY DECEMBER 21st. All items that have been on the rack for more than one week, with the exception of labeled items, will be boxed up to be donated. Please have your child check the lost and found and retrieve any lost items BEFORE THIS FRIDAY! You can also review the details of what is in inventory in the Facebook post with lots of photos.