Winter session of Kids Co Registration Dec 4-16

Registration for the winter session of after school programs will run from 8:00 am Tuesday December 4th to 12:00 midnight December 16th. All registrations** will be done online at https://campscui.active.com/orgs/KidsCo?season=2560210.

For more information and details, please review the After School Clubs page.



For the language link registration, please go tohttps://thriva.activenetwork.com/Reg4/(S(hh3244cngptgg1xuuaixul15))/Form.aspx?regkey=RpYOYPxE378wNjTYCkFkMw%3d%3d&qid=79993 . All Cascadia classes will be located on their website. For specific questions, you can contact Jessica at the language link atjessica.pierard@thelanguagelinkllc.com