Cascadia Garden “Move the Mulch” Work Party – Saturday Oct. 20th

From Linda Overbay, our Garden Coordinator:

I received confirmation that our Arborist Chips will be delivered Friday at Cascadia to the Grass lawn in front of the school.  The next step is for our Cascadia parent volunteers to move it into the garden space.  The Cascadia Garden Team is hosting a work party on Saturday, October 20th, from 9-11:30.  Please join us!   We’ll have some shovels, tarps, and gloves, but if you have your own tools and a couple of wheelbarrows, please bring those.   If there is leftover time and energy from the group, we will tackle the Japanese Knotweed that has begun to invade the embankment next to the Garden.   You can sign up for this event, and other important volunteer jobs for the Garden, on the PTA website or RSVP to Linda directly at GardenCoordinator@CascadiaPTA.org.

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