iLab Update!

Dear Cascadia Families,

Thank you so much for all the support for the iLab. The iLab is in full swing, and many teachers have been using the space daily to design and create with their students. As we continue through the year, the needs of the iLab will fluctuate and evolve, but we will continue to rely on material donations. You can drop off donations at the iLab on the 2nd floor.

The iLab is also looking for regular parent volunteers. Please email Mr. Brown at if you are interested.

Here a couple of things we cannot take any longer:

  • Any kind of foam, Styrofoam, or packing peanuts
  • Electronics of any kind

In general, we are always looking for:

  1. Safety
    1. Rubber Gloves (kid)
    2. Disposable gloves
    3. Protective eye wear
    4. Aprons
  1. Boards
    1. Trifold Boards
    2. Tag Boards
    3. Poster boards (various colors)
  1. Materials:
    1. Cardboard
    2. Cotton balls/pompoms
    3. Tissue paper/wrapping paper
    4. Fabrics of all varieties, shapes, and sizes
    5. Beads
    6. Wood scraps
    7. Decorating materials (sequins, crafty things, googly eyes)
    8. Popsicle sticks
    9. Newspaper
    10. Magazines (collaging materials)
    11. Yarn/string
    12. Pipe cleaners
    13. PVC pipes
    14. Egg cartons/liter bottles
    15. Yogurt/stackable containers (for water for brushes)
    16. Feathers
    17. Mod podge

Thank you so much for considering supporting the iLab!