Bike To School, Wednesday May 9th

Wednesday May 9th is National Bike to School Day.  Biking to school is a wonderful way to kick off your day with a little fresh air and exercise, along with many other benefits.  At Cascadia, we hope Bike to School day is a fun way to join your community.

All our kids can participate.  If you can bike to school, that’s ideal.  However, kids who bike to their bus stops can also check in upon arrival with helmets.  Unicycling counts! Check in by the bike racks, upon arrival for treats and fun!

Bike to school on your own, or join one of our Bike Trains.  If you want to join a bike train, please let your leader know, so they will look for you!  Kids joining bike trains must have an adult responsible for them (although, one adult may bring more than one kid).

Bike Trains

  • Kona Kitchen (8501 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115), leaving at 7:25, led by Jami Kimbal
  • Greenlake Wading pool (at Wallingford and Greenlake), leaving at 7:25, led by Lynne Peck Theis
  • Ballard via Greenwood, leaving at 7:15, led by Becky Dobbins *See route details below

See you on the road!

Ballard bike route:
Route from Ballard

7:15 am: leave Kirke Park (9th Ave NW & 70th Street)Google map of bike route.
– ride N on 9th
– turn right on 75th St / ride E
– turn left on 6th Ave NW / ride N
**7:20 am: pick up riders at 6th Ave Pocket Park (6th Ave NW & 76th Street)**
– turn right on 83rd / ride E
– turn left of Fremont Ave N / ride N
**7:35 am: pick up riders at Greenwood Park (Fremont Ave N & 87th Street)**
– turn right on 90th / ride E
– turn left on Linden Ave N / ride N
– turn right on 92nd / ride E
– we hop on the sidewalk to go around the Licton Springs/Eagle Staff
– 7:45 am: arrive!


My name is Becky; my son Porter is in 3rd grade — we have been riding to school all year and it’s really fun. If you need to text/call me the morning of our ride, my number is 206-375-0943.

If you plan to meet up with us, please give me a heads-up so I know to look for you. I thought parks along the way would be good places to meet (plenty of space), but feel free to join anywhere along the route (just let me know); meet-up times listed are my best guess. If you’re late, we may not be able to wait for you — sorry!

It’s OK to ride 2 abreast when there’s no traffic, but we ride single file when sharing the road with cars.

Pedestrians always have the right-of-way. We usually ride on the sidewalk around Licton Springs/Eagle Staff, but always dismount and walk our bikes if there are people on the sidewalk. Also, we have to walk our bikes across Aurora — the light is very long.

We cross several busy intersections (8th, 3rd, Greenwood, 80th, 85th, Aurora), and only two (85th and Aurora) have lights. To cross, an adult checks the intersection, and when it’s safe to cross yells “All Clear!” Most times, drivers are nice and will stop to let us cross — but always be sure cars behind the stopped car are also stopping!

There are a couple of hills — slow but steady!