Science and Engineering Night, April 25th from 6-8 PM

Have you ever seen a dry ice ring cannon? How could a ballerina could perfect her pirouette? How does the human lung work? These are some of the questions posed by student exhibitors for this year’s Science and Engineering Night. A limited number of spaces are still available for more student exhibits (see the sign-up link below to register.)

There will also be lively demonstrations and guest exhibitors on topics such as robotics, scat-sniffing dogs, build-your-own space suit, fish science, and a solar car derby. Roving scientists/engineers will be circulating too.

There is still space for more student projects. To sign up, visit here.  Sign up deadline is Friday, April 6.

If you’d like to be a roving scientist, and/or you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Joel Grow at joelgrow at