iLab Donations

Dear Cascadia Families,

For many years, the iLab has been an institution at Cascadia. The iLab goes by many names, creative makers space being one of them. It is a place where students have access to tools and materials with which to create to the furthest expanses of their imaginations. The space is conducive to creativity, collaboration, problem solving, building responsibility, and refining fine motor control. Additionally, the space facilitates developing strengths in art and engineering.

To jump start the iLab, we are asking families to help provide the materials to make this space full and rich. As a space dedicated to problem solving, we would emphasize our dedication to recycling and reuse; as much as possible, we’d like to stock up on what would otherwise go unused. Please make sure everything is kid appropriate.

Please consider donating tools and materials this coming week, April 2nd through the 6th. You may drop off donations to the appropriately marked container outside of the iLab, 2nd floor, Cascadia. Please take tool donations to room 274. Below is a list of the types of materials that we are looking for, but it is not exhaustive by any means.

iLab Wish List

  • Safety
    1. Rubber Gloves (kid)
    2. Disposable gloves
    3. Protective eye wear
    4. Aprons
  • Cleaning
    1. Broom/dust pan
    2. Rags
    3. Empty spray bottles (for water)
    4. Painters cloth/tarps/floor covering
  • Serious Tools
    1. Hammers
      1. nails
    2. Screwdrivers of all sizes and shapes
    3. Exacto knives
    4. Hand drill
    5. Battery powered drill
    6. saw
  • Tools
    1. Scissors (adult)
    2. Scissors (kid)
    3. Glue guns
      1. Lots of glue gun glue
    4. Tape measure
    5. Yard sticks
    6. Paint brushes
  • Adhesives:
    1. Glue guns and glue sticks for them
    2. Glue of all sorts
    3. Tape of all sorts
  • Boards
    1. Trifold Boards
    2. Foam Core
    3. Tag Boards
    4. Poster boards (various colors)
  • Materials:
    1. Cardboard
    2. Cotton balls/pompoms
    3. Tissue paper
    4. Fabrics of all varieties, shapes, and sizes
    5. String/yarn
    6. beads
    7. Styrofoam
    8. Wood scraps
    9. decorating materials (sequins, crafty things)
    10. popsicle sticks
    11. Newspaper
    12. Magazines (collaging materials)
    13. Yarn/string
    14. Pipe cleaners
    15. PVC pipes
    16. Egg cartons/liter bottles
    17. Yogurt/stackable containers (for water for brushes)
    18. Feathers
  • Art Stuff:
    1. Sharpies, various colors
    2. Molding clay
    3. Acrylic paint
    4. Watercolor paint
    5. Fabric markers
  • Parts to dissesemble
    1. Old computer parts
    2. Other old electronics

Thank you so much for considering supporting the iLab!