Cascadia Student Council: Mary’s Place Drive

Dear Cascadia Elementary students and families,

I’m writing (a bit belatedly) to announce that the Cascadia Student Council has organized a food/clothing/essentials drive to benefit Mary’s Place. From their website: “Mary’s Place is a leading voice for homeless women, children, and families in emergency situations. We empower families to reclaim their lives by offering community, acceptance, hope and dignity. Our work keeps struggling families together and provides practical tools and resources that help them find housing and employment. We inspire the community to support homeless women, children, and families through advocacy, partnerships, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Several students at Cascadia this year had the incredible initiative to start and run this drive, and I have been lucky enough to help guide them along in the process. As you may have seen, if you have visited Cascadia recently, there are orange donation bins scattered throughout the school, and they will be emptied on Friday, March 30 when we take the donations to Mary’s Place. The list of needed donation items can be found in the flyer (made by the students) attached to this email.

The Cascadia Student Council is also celebrating the last week of March, the 26th through the 30th, as “Community Service Project Week,” and is encouraging everyone at our school—students, staff, and families—to take up a service project of their own. Whether it be volunteering, cleaning up a local park, or reaching out to someone in need, we at Cascadia believe helping others helps everyone, and if you need a project you are more than welcome to donate essential items to Mary’s Place through our drive.

The Student Council has more activities planned for the rest of the year, such as “Spirit Week” and “Earth Week,” but we hope that this drive and Service Project Week will be a lasting contribution to the community of this and many more classes to come at Cascadia.

Thank you for your contribution and support.


Matthew David Perez
Special Education Assistant
Cascadia Elementary