Cascadia Has Heart

Hello Dragons!

We are spending most of February learning different and fun ways to jump as individuals, partners, small groups, and as a full class. Pick up a jump rope at your local sports store, on or online to jump as a family (another great way to getting moving indoors – try out your garage or covered porch areas if you have one). During this unit about jumping rope and heart health, we are teaching our students to not only take care of their own hearts, but to also have compassion for others who do not have the gift of full health. Our kickoff assembly was mission oriented to inspire our students to use their own health as a way to support others by spreading the mission of the American Heart Association and considering ways to raise money for those in need.

Please consider donating to the American Heart Association through our Jump Rope for Heart Cascadia page by following this link: http://www2.heart.org/goto/CascadiaDragonsSeattle. Scroll to the bottom of our page and click on the “donate directly to our school” button. We will be accepting donations until Wednesday, February 28th. The AHA will be thanking our students for their participation by donating some recess equipment back to our school, as well as some gift certificates for PE equipment depending on how much we raise as a school. This is completely optional, but most definitely a good cause. Thank you in advance for considering.

Your Passionate PE Teachers,

Shirley Briones & Kate Sayles