Cascadia PE Communications

Hello fantastic families and happy new year,

Welcome to 2018! It is a new year, and we have a new way of sharing information that comes from the Cascadia PE program for the rest of the school year. Starting in February, we will only be sharing our newsletter, monthly PE calendar, and activity challenges on our Schoology site. If you have a student in Seattle Public Schools that is a middle or high school student already, you are already using Schoology as it is a requirement. At the elementary level, we are all just getting trained and starting to use it more and more throughout the district. This Schoology website is a powerful communication tool for us to organize all of our information, resources, events, assignments, quizzes and much more. It is secure and safe for us to share anything student or family related to you.

To sign up for parent view of Schoology:

First parents must create a Source account if they haven’t done so already. Directions are on this site.
Then parents create a Schoology account. Directions are here.

After you successfully sign up, please go to your students PE page from Cascadia to find the current month’s newsletter, as well as all archived newsletters from this school year. We will also be adding resources every month that will prove useful for our students and you as a family. Please answer the one question true/false question under the quiz section to indicate that you have found our page by Wednesday, January 31st.

This email for January is a hybrid email, meaning that we are attaching our newsletter as well as directing you to our Schoology webpage. For the rest of the school year, our goal will be to only communicate our newsletters via Schoology and not through the emails that we have been sending monthly. We receive many bounce back emails every month and know that we are not getting our communications to everyone like we hope to, so this is a great solution to this problem. An added bonus is that we can share resources all in one place without overloading your already full and busy inboxes.

Thank you for your help in signing up, logging in, and answering the quiz question by the end of January. We will be making announcements in our classes as well to let our students know that they can access our website as well through their student account, or through your account, to get to resources we share during PE class.

Be happy, be healthy!

Shirley Briones  &  Kate Sayles