Picture Retakes, This Wednesday, 11/19

Who should have their picture retaken?

  • If you are not completely happy with your student’s photo, Yuen Lui will gladly retake it. Please send in your original photo package with your student on Retake Day.
  • If your student was absent on Picture Day on October 20th, they should have their photo taken on Retake Day.

If you would like to have your student included in Picture Retake Day for either of those reasons, please directly notify your student’s teacher, and Cc the Picture Day chair, Cheryl Haug (cheryl at houseofhaug dot net).

Also, it’s not too late to order pictures!! If your child had a picture taken in October, but you did not order any photos, you should have received a packet with a photo proof and an online code to use to order them through the Yuen Lui website (http://www.yuenluistudio.com).